Every Generations and Kid’s Favourites,
Dinosaurs and Wild Animals
2 different 56 pack card games

These exciting games will make you ‘Roar with Success’ and spark children’s imagination and creativity as they grow.
They can immerse themselves in a world of play and adventure.

Games that assist the National Curriculum which have facts and use licensed illustrations from the Natural History Museum, London (DINOHISTORIA) & real life photographs (WILDCAT): -

Age 7+ Wildcat has 3 levels of play for those who like a challenge. STATEGY PLAYS its part, particularly in the hardest level, which older children and adults enjoy.
& Dinohistoria: Dinosaurs appeal to each generation and there are many familiar ones in this game and Animals past from 4.6 billion to 10,000 years ago.
Age 5+ PLAY — ‘PAIRS’ & ‘SNAP’.
YOUNGER CHILDREN – Advised taken to PLAYSCHOOLS as children enjoy the pictures, learn to count, plus Colour and Number Recognition.

'Roar with Success' whilst learning about Wild Cats from around the world.Dinohistoria card gameWildcat & Dinohistoria

The games help to improve children’s, numeracy, literacy, colour recognition, memory recall, geological timescale (evolution), learning of social interaction and discovering the scientific skills of observing and exploring;  assisting  various parts of the national curriculum (as confirmed by Anglia Ruskin University’s evaluation and various reviews).

The rules themselves are easy to follow and enable adults & children to play together.

From age 5 play ‘Pairs’ & ‘Snap’. The pictures and comparing facts entertain children and adults alone.

Wildcat with 3 levels of play and the Dinohistoria cards are differently numbered, number of suits and special cards which add to the excitement. The aim is to be the first player to play all your cards and may score points for all the cards left in your hand adding them to any previous total.

Children also enjoy letting their imagination run wild, making up their own games, whilst learning, having fun and being entertained.