The way you act in life is how you will be remembered – actions speak louder than words.
It is also true that people hear what they see, not necessarily what is said.

Being and acting respectably & trustworthy is very important but unfortunately not everyone  has these beliefs.
A good standard of principals and morals makes people appreciated, acting to everyones benefit.

Belief in peace, love and harmony is a good starting point but should act using Common Sense and  Decency with Justice in mind.

Courtesy costs nothing but enhances ones own standing.

  1. Saying please, thank you and not using slang – sounds so much better.
  2. Remember a smile costs nothing but can make someone happy.
  3. Saying sorry/aplogising if you make a mistake can make you a bigger/better person than those who never do.
  4. Be understanding.
  5. Show people respect: -
    1. Open doors for people
    2. Always follow women upstairs in case they fall
    3. Always come down in front of women in case they fall
    4. Assist people in difficulty